Original Furnishings Pavilion

Based on global creativity, exclusive launch of new products
Follow the latest trends tightly

Imported Top Brands Pavilion

Home to foreign premium brands on an APP-based new retail model
Intelligent identification of customers attribute, online and offline mutual empowering

Lifestyle pavilion designed for new middle class

A heaven for IN designers to enjoy private creative space
Designed for public innovation, sharing and experience

One-stop center for furnishings

No more fragment-like purchasing, all in one
One-stop purchase and have all you want

Marketing base

Go to workshops for craft, display and products
A visit to JSWB, enjoy the terminal charm, experience the approach to operation, and learn the mature standard model

Forms of department store business

400 meters in length along the street ensure full exposure to customers
Seven shared halls connected by an optimized kinetonema
Twelve vertical lifts coupled with 6 handrail elevators

Marketing operation

Unified management, unified cashier and unified marketing